Monday, 2 November 2009

The traps set

Lots of jobs today, top of the list was to collect the trailer to transport the pigs to the abattoir. Bronny immediately tried it out for size and so the trap was set, baited with fresh food the pigs were called. The pork tsunami thundered inside and so they are bedded down in nice fresh barley straw ready for the off.

I also fixed the water supply to Rock HQ, it went off yesterday while I was using the little green pressure washer. No water is a real hindrance when you are trying to jet wash the offerings from 80 odd animals bottoms from the yard. The goats were immediately blamed for the pressure washer malfunction, they have a history of sabotage. My "outside" stereo has been smashed to bits by an angry goat who vented its spleen when Marillion was replaced by Metallica. Goats like prog rock, the choice of heavy metal caused consternation in the yard and they took action. A similar nasty episode was had the other weekend when Pritch's choice of Barry White sent the goats into a frenzy only solved by shutting them in the back stable, not before one had hoofed his ipod across the yard. Fussy listeners these animals.

I checked the electrical wiring, no teeth marks, still plugged in, Juliet leered at me as I shoved the herd off the step to no where to ensure they were not hiding any attempts at rewiring. The dogs were the next target of my wrath, they have an appetite for destruction that rivals the goats. I have lost count the number of times an essential piece of kit has been altered by our Beagles jaws, or taken off up the hill and buried.

No. A visual inspection of the pressure washer and fittings all showed no sign of animal interference. I disconnected the tap, no water, great, we have our own water supply on our bonsai mountain and now it was blocked. The way its extracted and brought to various taps is along a labyrinthine series of pipes, tanks, reservoirs, taps and connectors that rivals the cockpit wiring of the space shuttle in its complexity.

I began the task of working my way along the water supply, dutifully disconnecting and reconnecting every section in front of an appreciative audience of dogs and goats. We worked our way along, no obstruction found. The second from last connector was disassembled and a fountain of dark brown water shot out, a plug of dirt had formed blocking the supply , I had found it, the dogs and goats applauded and gave each other high fives, peace would descend on Rock HQ again. I went to reconnect the pipe, water pouring out of the one end, the dry end didn't look right. There was something unusual about the pipe. It had two green legs sticking out of it. I dropped the water pipe and gently pulled, a very small bright green very dead frog popped out. Thanks for your input Kermit, you were a great help.
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