Saturday, 14 November 2009

Souvenir hunter

I went foraging for breakfast this morning and came back from walking the dogs with a selection of fungi which, after a quick google just to double check I had picked Parasol Mushrooms and not its poisonous counterpart, were fried and served with our own eggs scrambled. Almost free food, the eggs when you consider the cost of replacing the birds eaten by Mr Fox and then the corn they scoff probably cost around a hundred pounds each at the moment but it felt good to be eating our own produce. The bacon has to cure for a few weeks yet so not quite a full English and I am ashamed to admit I have eaten almost all of Patches pig since she was turned into rashers in May.

Talking to Ben yesterday eased some of the stress at Rock HQ, he having survived his war is full of stories and we can only imagine the bravery of his men having to cope with him in charge. He was in high spirits and looking forward to coming home. I am looking forward to seeing the Afghan rug he has bought us as a souvenir. As we spoke he described it, about a metre square, so a mat then rather than a rug. He paused, he supposed so, a mat, not a rug, but definitely an Afghan mat, he had got it himself from an abandoned Afghan car. He hoped I didn't mind that it says Corolla across it and its the passenger side mat not the drivers side, but he can absolutely swear its authenticity.
Thanks Ben, not quite what I was expecting but its the thought that counts.
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