Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Thats my Boy!

Apollo, a very laid back Gypsy Cob, has been causing us a bit of concern for a couple of small reasons. He is a colt, supposedly, but the two vital pieces of anatomy needed to prove it have been conspicuous by their absence. We were beginning to wonder if we had been sold a dud. Since he has had free reign of pastures new something has strange happened. Firstly he has been trying to play piggy back with William and secondly he has started to get fresh with the ladies. This entails sneaking up from behind and taking hold of items of clothing, like hoods and trying to get up close and personal. A quick check of the dangerous end revealed that our boy is a bit of a late developer and is in need of a vet to take away the very things we have so eagerly been waiting to appear.

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