Thursday, 5 November 2009

Mud slide

Another two excellent pictures from the lens of MrEd who visited a while back. So long ago that the horses were still here, the trees were still standing and we were dry. Only about six weeks ago then.
Its rained almost constantly for the last 24 hours. As there is no roof on the extension things are mite on the damp side. A lesson constantly reinforced here is do it when you think of it, so I didn't when I did think and now the seats that should be in Rene, removed to make him a useful van to transport pig carcasses from abattoir to butcher, have been left in the rain and so have developed a rather fetching white mould on the leather upholstery. I also meant to fix the gutter over the "door" that current serves as an alternative entrance/exit to Rock HQ. As I didn't the workshop has transformed from a workshop and storeroom into a swimming pool. The water is currently lapping around the pantry door and if it continues to rise then my morning bowl of soggies really will live up to their name.
The one advantage of the current torrent is that is helping wash the mud from the yard that the little green pressure washer has started to shift.
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