Monday, 16 November 2009

Angels and Demons

We had a visit from a guardian angel today in the form of Tracey's mum, she quite unexpectedly gave us a gift that will help Rock HQ stay a viable concern for some time to come. Tracey and I are having a strange time here, working in the paid profession in which we do that involves child protection there are times when you have to take stock of the consequences of work on your own well being. For us doing the right thing is always a priority, for others this features way down the scale in how they live their lives. Unfortunately the good guys don't always win, but win or lose we are determined to see this through and thanks to Jill we have a safety net should the bad guys gain the upper hand.

A consequence of the current problems faced by the human inhabitants of Rock HQ is that we are able to spend some quality time in the beautiful surroundings of our bonsai mountain which can only serve to recharge our batteries.
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