Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The late shift

For the past two days and some 95 miles I have driven Rene our Rx4 on various journeys with my sandwich box rattling across the roof. Quite how I managed to forget I put it there is not such a big a mystery as how it managed to survive five journeys without falling off. Its not the first time I have driven off with something on the roof. Driving through Newbury last year a very kind lorry driver shouted at me while we were waiting at the traffic lights that I had a pair of scissors on the roof. As I retrieved them I thanked him for they were not merely scissors but hoof trimming shears, very expensive and on the roof from the day before and some 112 miles ago.
As you can see from the picture above I am not averse to abusing Renes design specifications, tonight he was laden with bales of hay used to construct an emergency ward for the goats, one of which, Juliet seems to be in the first stages of labour.
It does say in the how to keep goats book that they like to give birth late afternoon. It shouldn't come as any surprise that ours cannot tell the time so we are resigned to a long nights vigil to see if we are grandparents.

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