Friday, 6 February 2009

Feeling guilty

Its been a funny week at Rock HQ and I am beginning to feel like its my fault. No sooner had I waxed lyrical about spring about to sprung then the whole country grinds to a halt under a thick blanket of snow. Then when I make a comment about a mere millimetre of snow causing widespread havoc a fresh fall of 4 inches confines Rene to base so Tracey doesn't get to work today, I on the other hand had a day off anyway and was totally unable to get any of the jobs planned completed.
It was really sunny today but the snow remains, probably waiting for reinforcements. Huge icicles hang from the stables, it all looks quite ornate. One of the advantages of being snow bound and unable to tackle the jobs list is that I have been able to walk around the hill a few times this week. First was on Tuesday at last light, I had worked from home that day as Rene could not get down the ice track. I took the magnificent seven with me and they had a mad romp in the snowdrifts. As we turned the last bend before Mad Keith's I was put to shame by the old hermit who was pushing his 3 speed bike up the hill laden with supplies. Me with my macho 4x4 didn't attempt the journey to town, he with his Sturmey Archer 3 speed bone shaker had safely navigated there and back.
Just past his abode there is an old tin shack that has the remains of an aviary attached to the side. As we approached Faith went mental barking and lunging at the wires. An unfortunate Blackbird had found a way in to search for food away from the snow and now couldn't find its way out. I ripped the wire from the top corner and soon despite Faiths best attempts to stop it it found its way to freedom.
Faith looked at me in disgust as we wandered along in the snow heading back to Rock HQ. She wages a personal war against all Blackbirds and spends an amazing amount of time running along the hedge lining our track in an effort to catch one. The closest she had ever got to one and her human lets it go.
At least I think it was a blackbird, seeing how this week has gone I could be wrong, as I think about it I worry that it might have been something other than a common Blackbird. Some travellers purchased the land recently and they put horses up there from time to time. They have been clearing the assortment of tin shacks and making repairs. Perhaps the bird was theirs! It was probably a Bird of Paradise worth thousands of pounds and I have just released it. Come to think of it it didn't seem keen to fly out. Grief!
No. I am sure it was just a Blackbird.
But then again I am the man who took a buck rabbit to the vet, the poor creature was suffering with what I thought was a ruptured penis. The vet quickly examined the stricken animal and I nearly died of embarrassment when the vet told me that the rabbit was in fact female and giving birth.

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