Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Bakers Dozen

In a blatant attempt to make friends and influence people Suzie and Lilly pose for photos so that potential owners can see how cute they are. And they are, even to a hardened dog owner like myself who has seen every trick in the dog book when it comes to ingratiating behaviour these two have won me over and they could stay.
They could stay, they are fast learners and attentive pets who love to please their human companions, but as we will be up to a new record of 13 dogs by tomorrow they have to go. 13 comprises of our magnificent seven, three Bernese mountain dogs we are dog sitting, these two collies and tomorrow we foster a lady Rottweiler, a victim of the credit crunch. What with the goats about to give birth, the sheep due to lamb and the possibility of our Berner being in pup we are in for a busy spring.
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