Thursday, 26 June 2008

Shear Fun!!

Finally the our tame shearer arrived and as so often happens when we have a big job to do outside the weather changed from bright sunshine to gales and torrential rain. Luckily for us and the sheep we have the stables so Trevor's stable became the shearing shed. As I had not wanted to run the risk of not being able to find our sheep when the time came for shearing I had got them trapped in the stable so they were nice a dry. Wet sheep are almost impossible to get the wool off so forward planning saved the day. A couple of surprises, Rosie is still producing milk, even though she has not fed her lamb for over a month. This may mean that one of the other sheep has started to feed off her, which is weird, or she is feeding herself, which is weirder. And then there is Ebony, the before and after pics say it all.

Its not often you feel like you have got your own back on your animals for all the bother they cause, but this is definitely one of those times.
The fleece will be used as insulation, if we tried to sell it we would probably have to pay someone to take it away. A farmer local to us sold 290 fleece for £100 the other day. It cost more to take them from the sheep and transport them.
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