Friday, 6 June 2008

Scaling new heights!

This is the cliff at the back of the house, for some reason it attracts our animals. Maybe they view it as a challenge, they have to climb it because its there, or maybe the grass really is so much tastier if you risk life and limb to get it. Perhaps they just forget that the grass below is just as green. Could it be that there is some sort of dangerous grass club that they have to initiate themselves into.

Whatever the reason they keep doing it. Here is Sandy, a Ryeland lamb, about 8 weeks old beginning his epic assault on the west face of the Rock. He is a free climber, no ropes, no technical aids, just a bit of chalk dust on his hooves and away he goes. he bleats in the face of danger.

Faith the Gordon Setter takes a few moments to persuade him down but Sandy is made of sterner stuff, he will achieve his dream to top out at Rock HQ. Should he fail he will make an interesting pattern on the rocks and a very tasty kebab.

Pass the chili sauce someone.

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