Sunday, 22 June 2008


I hope I never get complaisant about living at the Rock, I can't imagine I will, and this weekend we have had friends old and new round to share the joys of being so close to nature.

Each have had the tour, which usually starts down with the pigs, a walk through the garden, a close inspection of the Rock that fell from the cliff, the stables are inspected, animals are met and fought off, moving on to the Cauldron, a look at the fields and on return to Rock HQ a meal with as much home produce as possible.

Visitors are usually asked if they want to feed the lambs, an opportunity they always take. I love seeing how excited they are while the lamb tries to tear the bottle out of their hands, inevitably they get covered in milk but its all part of the experience. We always warn our guests not to wear anything they want to keep clean and usually within seconds of being here they have at least one paw print on their clothing.
Last evening my God daughter and her family called in and had supper while today a friend popped over for lunch and very kindly donated 22 Indian Runner Duck eggs for the incubator. JJ and his good lady Kay had the tour and met the inhabitants before sitting down to a nice Berkshire roast. JJ asked if I liked to cook as they both complimented the lunch.
No, I dont like to cook, I like to eat, so have always had to cook.
As well as donating the eggs they also provided six very good bottles of beer and a bottle of red. Some of this went very well with lunch. It didn't go down to well when three hours later I had to go around the hill rounding up our sheep who had gone into hiding after seeing me with the sheep shearing kit.

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