Sunday, 8 June 2008

Mad Goats and Englishmen

It has been another gloriously hot day at Rock HQ. By midday it was too hot to carry on strimming the nettles and bracken from the field so I came back for a glass of lemonade. Most of the animals were lay in the shade of the sycamore trees along the lane.

Except for Geisha, our Anglo Nubian Goat, she was lay on her side in full sunshine on the concrete outside the workshop. There could not have been a hotter place, except perhaps the conservatory. She was sunbathing. I discovered an interesting fact today though, they pant like dogs when they are hot. Anyway, while I was making a fuss of her Roxy and Ebony, ryeland sheep decided to head further along the lane to the rest of the flock, and if you look as the camera shakes its way to look down the lane you can see Maggie our other goat sunbathing.

Forget mad dogs, goats are completely mental.

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