Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Our Lawnmower does tricks!

Your lawn mower might cut the grass faster than ours, it might cut it neater, and might not make as much mess as ours can when its full, but our lawn mower is better looking, greener, cute and does tricks. Observe how he self rights. Trevor is a very special Shitland.

I contacted our web tech friend, Sara, who is very busy, see the link to her blog and read how she is struggling to deal with growing old, anyway she is going to develop this site for us.

Soon you will be able to access a variety of pages with fascinating information about life at Rock HQ. A page will tell you the history of Rock HQ and how the current human inhabitants wandered in. A rogues gallery will give you a portrait of the animals and some background information on them, their likes, dislikes and hobbies. Perhaps most useful will be a Rock Recipe Page which will be updated weekly with current recipes of seasonal foods served at Rock HQ mealtimes, a mix of hearty meat meals, delicious veggie foods and some pudding, cakes and preserves. What wont be quite so much use is a Compost Corner page, ah memories of TISWAS, anyway it will be gardening tips, quite what use tips from a one armed amateur will be remains to be seen.

When will this all new web experience be ready, well as soon as I write it and as soon as Sara stands still long enough to be shackled to the computer.

She says June.

She didn't say which June.

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