Monday, 19 May 2008

Easily pleased.

These bad boys were dug up from the vegetable patch yesterday and provided some of the veggies to accompany the Black Rock that was caught eating eggs.
I did worry when I killed it, was I too harsh, should I have tried to re educate it, perhaps a quiet word would have set it on the right path. Since its demise the hen egg production has not dropped, in fact we were up two today, so it wasn't contributing on that front, and we have had Pekin Duck eggs and another goose egg. So it definately was guilty of the crime that it was executed for.
That makes four goose eggs we have managed to round up in total. Three are currently in the incubator but I don't hold out much hope for them hatching given our current success rate.
When I say we have had Pekin Duck eggs I mean we have had one, which Pip the demented Collie cross beat me to, snatching it from the box and running off with it to eat, and another which I picked up, while feeding the sheep, from the floor of the goat house.
I love duck eggs and the yolk from ours is so rich and yellow and simply delicious so I was looking forward to eating the first Pekin egg to compare to the Runner Duck egg. We get a nice light blue Runner egg everyday. We don't have a male Runner anymore, you can guess who ate him, not me, the fox.
Anyway as usual I got sidetracked and forgot about the egg in my combat trousers, that was until I squatted down to collect the eggs from the Black Rocks boxes. A quiet popping sound made me remember where I had put the duck egg. I walked back to the cottage with cold egg running down the outside of my leg, again. I've lost count of the times I have had to undress by the washing machine and pour eggs out of my pockets.
The fat on the chicken showed it was having more than its fair share of the morning rations. As ours are corn fed they have a yellow fat which is excellent for roasting potatoes. So this bird slow roasted with garlic, leeks and parsnips was excellent. I think it is indicative of how much I have changed since living at the Rock that such a feeling of happiness can be achieved by digging up a root vegetable.
I just wish my memory would improve.

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