Saturday, 10 May 2008

Changing Rooms!

I often wish our animals could talk, none more so today as the Stable Sprite has completed his magic and the new stable block is fully functional.
William and Trevor were walked past it this morning as we turned them out and in a few minutes they will be walked back down the lane expecting to go to their waterlogged, muddy, dark temporary stable. Instead they will each have a luxury 12 by 12 stable, hay rack, self filling water bowls, concrete floor, deep dry bedding, windows, doors and toys. It will be a complete contrast to what they are used to.
The last few months have been a huge build project here at Rock HQ, it seems such a long time ago when I accidentally got back in touch with Karl and found he was trying to raise money to go to Thailand to meet a lady boy he had met on the Internet. With the offer of some money and food he was on the next plane from bonnie Scotland and living with us clearing the site for the stables and the kennels. In an unusual flash of inspiration I remembered the talented Stable Sprite who lived in the valley. Thank God I asked him to do this part of the build. He has worked wonders making an excellent and beautiful looking building for us. It was quite exciting returning home wondering what he had been up to while we were at work. I will put all the pictures in order later in the week and you will have the entire sequence to oggle over. Meanwhile you can all look at the finished product.
Like I said it was a good job he did it for us because as talented and enthusiastic as Karl and I are we would never have done anything near such a good job. Whats more likely to have happened is that one of us would have ended up murdering the other and that would have upset Miss Thailand.
Thanks Stable Sprite, you worked wonders and saved a diplomatic incident.

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