Thursday, 8 May 2008

Happier days.

This a couple of days ago, the view from the kitchen at Rock HQ. The strange noises you can hear are the Bernese Mountain Dogs Rocky and Reba scoffing their dinner. Jess, Daffodil and Katy are on the bank under the cliff at the back of the cottage sneaking up on Cosmo one of our cats. Katy is the bouncy one, Daffodil is the big bruiser that finally makes Cosmo run and Jess is the one that gets left behind as the other two chase after him.

As previous listing says Jess died tonight, no idea why, it may be a twisted gut we wont know unless we have a postmortem done and we cant afford that, it would be unlikely to be conclusive anyway. Sometimes healthy animals do just die, we found a perfectly healthy looking lamb dead in the garden last year just behind the wood pile. No obvious signs as to why it had died, it had just wandered in from the hill and lay down and died. There were no tags or identifying marks on it so I didnt know which farm it was from so I was a loss to know what to do with the corpse but the problem was solved by the foxes who carried it away.

We have to dispose of Jess' body as per Defra rules, so despite the fact she was a pet we are not allowed to bury her so she has to go to an incinerator or to the local hunting pack where she will be served as a light snack. The circle of life and all that.

Life goes on though at Rock HQ, all the other animals needed feeding and watering so we couldn't spend too much time moping over Jess. Its strange seeing two lambs on the lawn though.

Dinner tonight was one inch thick gammon steaks from the local butcher, served with potato wedges and a nice fried egg on top. As I was cracking the eggs I could hear cheeping. The incubator, 6 hatching out, others moving. New life at the Rock.

Its a funny game this smallholding lark.

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