Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Even more goat antics

This is Geisha having a spot of bother with a bucket of lamb feed. Normally she is quite intelligent but this morning she got a bit confused. Mind you she did double back while I was moving a bale of hay, let herself into the conservatory and sample the Olive and Lemon trees we have. Most plants get pruned by the goats, except the bracken and nettles, they are left for me to cut down. The books say that horses and goats love nettles, not true, they would rather eat broken glass, plastic bags or masonry nails before having to eat nettles. Humans can eat nettles, the tips anyway make a good substitute for spinach or you can make nettle tea.

I'm in the same mind as the horses and goats when it comes to nettle tea.

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