Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Global Warming

As you can see from the video clip Global Warming has yet to arrive in our valley. It has rained almost constantly since last Saturday night making life for the smallholder difficult and life for the animals miserable. Most of them are sensible enough to take shelter except for the Ryelands who seem to view taking shelter from the elements as a sign of weakness so stay out all weathers. Since being here we have dug them out of snow, watched them spray gallons of water from their fleece as they shake like dogs to dry themselves and heard the ice crack as they run to the trough when its been so cold their wool has frozen solid.

Ryeland have only one concern in life, that's where is their dinner.

Its been a good month for us at Rock HQ, and the blog readership is growing, twice as many as last month and in 32 different countries. Even Norway has joined in, cheers George, keep reading in between kayaking trips.


jane smith said...

I think you've a real gift for writing and I find your blog humorous and uplifting even when the content is about relentless rain and miserable animals. I really love the way your blog tells me a lot about your lifestyle and your relationship with the animals without being autobiographical or self-centred. I'd like to write a blog but don't know where to start and mine would either be truthful and boring or a complete fantasy.

Tony said...

Thanks for the kind comment, keep reading and tell your friends about the animal antics and their owners incompetancy!