Wednesday, 30 April 2008

We make Stable progress

Here are some pictures of the magic weaved by the stable sprite while we are at work, each picture shows a days magic. We have only seen the stable sprite twice since we started the project, once in his big white chariot and once while he was actually casting spells and moving wood magically transforming them from planks to building before our very eyes. We hope the magic stable sprite finishes by the weekend as the poor horses will have to learn to swim if any more water falls from the sky.

Poor horses.

Hopefully these pictures will appear in order, if not the one that looks least like a stable is the first one, the one that looks most like a stable is the last one.

On a different note, there seems to be quite a number of you now that follow the Tales from the Rock, people are logging on in Mexico, Japan, Greece, India, Australia as well as many other Countries. Amazing. If you are our reader Latvia send us an e mail, the address is at the top. We are getting quite a few e mails now, seems like Trevor should have his own fan club!

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