Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Continuity and Change

So we woke up hungover.

Well I did, I tried fighting it off with a luke warm bottle of still water at around 5 am which optimistically washed down two breath fresh mints I mistook as paracetamol.

I made breakfast at 9.30, the hotel owner enquired whether I wanted cereals with my full cooked. Eager to get my moneys worth I affirmed that a bowl of crunchy nut was a necessary addition to my breakfast. I could tell that this was not the answer she wanted, this feeling was confirmed as I saw her husband cycle past the dining room window on an urgent mission to purchase milk.

Any how breakfast was delicious, despite the wait, and after lashings of tea and toast we packed the Rene and headed back to the sanctuary of the Rock.

I had a quick chat with Ben, he had only had thirty five seconds sleep in the last twenty four hours and he still had to pack and clear out his room. There were apparently some pretty weird smells that had to be located and dealt with, not an easy or pleasant task, believe me I know having twice cleaned his bedroom whilst he was away, his fungus collection in mugs should have been sent to the museum of Natural History as I am convinced there were several unique species and possibly the cure for cancer floating on one mug of aging Nescafe. Good to know some things don't change, even after a year of strict Army discipline he still had to use a pig on a string as an air freshener in his room.

Something else that hasn't changed is his ability to break things. The picture at the top is him in his mess dress, a uniform that cost around £2000, and took five fittings to get it tailored right. He looks very smart in it.

Its not so smart now.

He fell over at the ball and put a hole in the knee.

He is after all his fathers son!

I played Wardroom Rugby in my parade uniform the night before my pass out and trashed my uniform. Not good, but I had a spare which wasn't quite so smart but would do, my boots on the other hand were wrecked. No amount of polishing would revive them into parade state and as I was right hand marker I needed to be ship shape by 8 am. As it was now 5 am I had no chance. Except that I discovered God exists. In my room there was a spare locker and for some reason I opened it, never having done so for the two weeks I had been accommodated in the room. There on the top shelf was a fabulous pair of size ten, bulled, shiny parade boots. Mine obviously! Thank you God, or more likely the poor sap that left them there thinking they would be there on his return, he did find a pair of boots but they needed a bit of work.

Tracey drove us back to Rock HQ, I couldn't drive having a bad arm and a very bad head.

As usual the closer we got to home the happier I became, I love getting out of the car and opening the gate to go up our track, closing the black five bar gate is quite symbolic, it keeps the real world away from our living the dream half a mile further on.

All was well at the farm, Jill and Derrick had done a fantastic job of marshaling the beasts and there was a new addition to see. Roxy had finally uncrossed her legs and delivered a lovely Ram lamb, now called Sandy as he was born during Ben's parade.

Life eh?

Some things change, some stay the same.

Isn't it great!

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