Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Danger Low Flying Geese

There are times, despite having a list of jobs as long as your arm when you just think blow it, they can wait. When you have got animals up to antics like these three playing chase you tend to watch them instead of boring stuff like housework.

While we about our evening routine we had to fetch the geese off the cliff, again, and as we were tempting them down with tasty morsels Bella attempted to fly, not the best idea for a fat unfit bird like Bella. She managed to gain about three feet in altitude, crashed into the stock fence, bounced back and fell into a roll of wire stood against the fence. Trapped in her makeshift cage she had to be rescued as there was no chance she would get free under her own steam. Brandy on the other hand resolutely refused to move from the ledge forcing both Tracey and I up onto the cliff face. Once I got within arms length he performed and amazing vertical take off. Tracey and I watched astounded as he gracefully flew down towards the yard, beautifully silhouetted against the setting sun, his white and buff feathers now edged with the crimson hues of the sunset, his mate Blossom honked her appreciation of this joyous sight, a picture of aerial grace spoilt only by the dull thud as he crashed into the side of the stable and landed in an undignified heap on the gravel.

We didn't laugh.


However, Tracey and I were now on the cliff so we climbed up and explored part of our hill we hadn't previously been to. We sat in the last warm rays of the evening sun looking out across the hills and valleys of Old Radnor. We would have been able to hear the evenbirdsong if the dogs hadn't have found us and sat panting in unison. It was still a great moment, on that confirmed our decision to move here.

We love it.

No matter how many jobs we still have to do.

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