Tuesday, 1 April 2008

M.I.A. now listed P.O.W.

A surprise contact with the local militia has yielded useful information regarding the Rock HQ M.I.A's.

As you might recall Bill, Meg, April and Molly, all Suffolk Sheep were last seen heading towards the common at 08.15 hrs on 21-2-08 and have not been see since despite extensive foot patrols with enthusiastic if not experienced tracker dogs.

Given the length of time they were missing and the dangers faced by unshepherded sheep from local piemakers it was presumed they were lost in action, but as no evidence of their demise could be found they were posted as missing in action.

However, at 14.28 hrs on 31-3-08 a local militia man crossed the border and established direct contact with Rock HQ. Initial reports were confused but clear indications were given that some if not all of the Rock 4 were alive and well but being held captive.

Assurances were sought that they were being treated as per the Geneva Convention and that they were not going to be used for propaganda purposes or pie filling.

Diplomatic negotiations for their immediate release began, Rock HQ's position being clear from the outset, that we will not be held to ransom, that the hostages status as non combatants is to be recognised and that they are to be released unharmed without delay.

What is clear from discussions with the militia is that only three of the missing four are being held, it is not known which three.

More news as it comes in, but in the meantime the plight of the Rock 4 continues.

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