Thursday, 10 April 2008

Danger, Lamb Mines!!

A quick update.

The lambs are doing very well, bottle feeding them every four hours was a test of endurance, particularly on the 3 am feed but they now sleep through the night, bless.

Who says sheep are stupid?

These three hardy mountain sheep soon found where the best place to sleep was, on the dog bed under the radiator in the lounge. They then found an even warmer place only a hop skip and a jump away, so they are often found welded to the side of the Rayburn in the kitchen. The cats are most put out as this was their preferred spot. I made the mistake of feeling sorry for the lambs the other night and instead of putting them in their crate over night I left them in the kitchen. In the morning we discovered they had had a right party, dancing on the furniture, sorting through the DVD collection, getting on the table and generally making a mess. I stepped in a Lamb Mine left at the bottom of the stairs as I blearily made my way towards my much needed early morning caffeine hit, bright orange pooh squishing between my toes set the tone for the whole day. It was also the day I set out to work and then realised that I had left the dogs out, by the time I got back they were a mile away chasing rabbits. Once they were rounded up I eventually got to work and then found I still had my farm boots on. My colleagues are used to my footwear being somewhat soiled but even they were taken aback at these.

Visitors to the Rock are used to fighting for sofa space, they now have to contend with Jess, Daffodil and Katy pushing their way in. Its funny now as a twenty pound lamb jumps up for seat space, I wonder how funny it will be when they weight over 120 pound and demand cushion rights. Hopefully by then they will be hardy enough to be out on the ridge with the others and not the pampered creatures sat watching me now.

They have had a few moments though, where we thought they wouldn't make it. Daffodil was eventually persuaded to eat from the bottle and is now quite a tough cookie, Jess, the largest was doing very well until she crossed paths with Faith who suffers badly from PMT so got bit and needed antibiotics, as did Katy the tiny lamb who developed a hip infection and stopped eating. So all in all they have been hard work, but hearing them bleat their appreciation makes it all worth while.

Except for the pooh, in between your toes, nothing is worth that.

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