Sunday, 6 April 2008

P.O.W. latest news!

Despite having negotiators on standby no contact was made this week with the militia believed to be holding the Rock Four captive.

A breakthrough in Diplomacy was achieved today and direct discussions for the release of the Rock Four were finally held with those holding them.

No information was given as to their exact whereabouts but it is thought they managed to get five miles behind enemy lines before they were discovered and taken hostage.

Those holding them have given assurances that they are fit and healthy and have committed to releasing them as soon as they admit to having strayed onto private farmland and acceptable transport can be arranged. The position of Rock HQ was maintained, that they were non combatants on Common Land and should have been allowed to continue their grazing unhindered. As a gesture of good will the militia have agreed to transport the captives back to Rock HQ in the near future. In the meantime they will be entertained at the militias expense.

Unfortunately it has been disclosed that only three of the missing four are captive and only vague descriptions have been passed to Rock HQ. It is unclear which three are being held although it is almost certain that one of the prisoners is Meg the only brown face Suffolk cross of the group.

Our thoughts are with the three captives and the remaining member of the grazing party that must still be classified M.I.A.

Meanwhile the plight of the Rock Four continues.

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