Saturday, 26 April 2008

Return of the P.O.W.s

In a surprise move the local militia released three of the missing Rock 4 late last night.

An unidentified vehicle approached the border crossing and after verifying the identity of the passengers it was allowed into the yard.

Meg, April and Molly were released back into the care of Rock HQ after a brief tea ceremony and handshakes.

The militia were unable to assist with any details of the whereabouts of Bill, pictured above in Rock HQ's command post, but in an effort to improve relations and eliminate further border disputes they committed to tracking Bill down and returning him safely, thus avoiding the pie makers about to do the spring roundup. They also gave details of further militia groups that may be holding Bill.

Rock HQ paid no ransom and no concessions were made, from the outset our position has been that the Rock HQ hostages should have been released. However the high command at Rock HQ gratefully acknowledge the fact the missing sheep were well looked after and given routine medical treatment. Meg, Molly and April (Bills Mum) are currently being housed in Maggie's Den, goat house number 2, where they will stay for a period of recuperation after their ordeal. They are in excellent health and do not appear to have suffered from their time in captivity.

The search for Bill will intensify, Rock HQ will not give up until his whereabouts or fate are ascertained. He will still be listed as missing in action until proved otherwise.

Meanwhile the plight of Bill continues.

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