Monday, 12 June 2017

Strictly vegan

 This time last year I was cycling non stop (almost) southwards having climbed Ben Nevis in my bid to complete the Pure 3 Peaks challenge in less than 72 hours.
 Today I am 34 pounds heavier and in a bid to be a lightweight so as not to buckle the legs of my pony on my cross Wales 2018 ride (XW18) I have tried to be a vegan. This lasted 48 hours for it is a silly way to eat food.
 Looks like my pony has also given up a strict vegan fayre as he stole a bag of dog food and was helping himself when yours truly discovered the crime.
 Talking horse, my obsession with WW2 has ebbed slightly as I have now revisited the English Civil War
which is why there are some half painted Pophams Horse on the workbench instead of German Paratroopers. Plans to ride across Wales in s similar outfit are probably just rumour...

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