Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Didn't go off

 The problem with keeping goats is they have a capacity to explode without warning, goats being a chemistry set on legs with an innate intolerance to changes in Ph caused by any number of reasons amongst which are food, weather, stress, boredom or phases of the moon. So it was with extreme care that TG (Tiny Goat) was encased in hay bales after showing signs of imminent catastrophic rearrangement of body parts.
 TG's best buds were kept occupied with a bad hair day competition while we tried to rearrange TG's internal combustion chambers with tempting greenery.
Naturally the fact that free food was being gathered in one locatiion did not go un-noticed and MBAOSPW was mugged on the lane by Apollo the wonder foal who was later put in jail not for theft but for criminal damage to one of the cars having sat on the bonnet of Eep. Now he's not damaged a car for years when he put the panels in of the Honda but he must have heard us talking this through on the weekend and upped his game.
Good news is TG has not exploded.

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