Thursday, 8 June 2017

Rock Gardening

 Its taken a while but the "garden" at Rock HQ now resembles more of a garden than a scale model of the Somme. Ravages of Goat, Donkey, Builders, Dogs, Toddlers and neglect are starting to be undone, mostly by MBAOSPW, but yours truly is now lending hand, rather like the goal hanger taking all the glory.
 However, one section reserved for me only is the Rock Garden, and ours is much bigger than most as these two pics taken by the apprentice snapper. Note to self wellingtons are suitable to going up, coming down not so and the undignified descent has already been erased from the disk if not my memory.
 In the realms of children see and children do, RRMK2 decided to have a go on the rock that fell from the cliff a few years back, watched by Spotty who was not dead at this time.
 Very quickly he made the summit
 before declaring he wanted to have a crack at the big one. Luckily he was diverted from that venture
 by the antics of poultry
and the recently built trugg that now has a strong showing of strawberry and tomato. It also harbours damage from a bored donkey.

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