Monday, 5 June 2017

A fresh challenge

 Regular readers will know two things about Rock HQ, 1, Annual Man Tests take place erm...annually, and B, Apollo the wonder foal has led a sheltered life here since he was a puppy.
 Thats about to change for him as he has got himself embroiled in the next man test the XW18 or Cross Wales 2018 ride planned for next year. First part of the challenge for both of us is learning to ride or be ridden dependent on species. As can be seen we are not off to a too promising start! One of us needs to lose to 28 pound of fat gained since last years man test and this years Kilimanjaro climb, the other needs to stand up and stop laughing when told he is in for a 100 mile plus ride. For yours truly seemingly having achieved all ambitions re endurance has led to a relaxation on what I think I can get away with eating. Waistline says otherwise. Hence different challenge.
 Work on the pond continues, this isn't exactly how it looks but suffice to say the crystal clear water does have an elephant overlooking it, not unlike these massive bronze ones found cluttering the water at the local garden centre.
 We also have fish, indoor and outdoor sorts, the indoor ones contained in the rather fetching aquarium blagged from a friend who had outgrown such trivia.
Meantime Spotty is making the most of his time left this side of the rainbow bridge by lapping up fuss at every opportunity.

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