Monday, 27 June 2016

Up and at 'em!

Not sure I would be walking around as well as this young horse is after having a vital part of my anatomy removed. Pronto, a gelding Andelusian who came to live at HQ after being branded wild, untameable and a bastard, has been living the quiet life here with the rest of the clan equines (save for Will.I.Am on his hols at the stable sprites) where life plods on. However on an particularly interesting visit from the farrier it was found that his purse (Pronto's not the farriers) was not empty but had a large oval object in it. With the help of the Horse Botherer my beautiful and oh so patient wife took Pronto to have his unwanted appendage removed by a vet. This vet was better than the first vet who clearly couldn't count to two when first asked to geld him.  Anyway in a very short space of time Pronto was back on his feet and several pounds lighter (it was massive!) walking up and down our lane.

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