Thursday, 9 June 2016

Penultimate day

 In such good weather it was time for the penultimate training day which involved a 66 mile bike ride
 up into the Black Mountains
 on what was aptly entitled "My Friend Must Be Punished" route. This was because his other half was not as understanding as mine and had him under curfew so my plan for a 150 mile man test was thwarted.
 So a 66 mile route with 6000 feet of climb was his reward.
 Gospel pass marked the high point, a close encounter with some nutter feral ponies nearly ended my cycling for a while but we made it safely home in time for tea and medals.
 Another mini adventure completed.
 Part deux for yours truly then began with removing a goat from the stock fence and persuading a big dog to leave a big plank at home.
 We then legged it to the top of the Bonsai Mountain
 cooled off en route to
 with a victory roll on Englands highest golf putting hole bit.
 We savoured the view back towards the ranch off Rushock
 before bagging Herrock
 then Stanner
 and Old Radnor looking home wards
 but in the failing light we knew that the final peak of Worzel was a peak too far as we risked Zombies, Werewolves and trip hazards and so the adventure ended
in the same way we started. Freeing the same goat from the same place.

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