Tuesday, 7 June 2016

An alternative sea view

 We decided that the boys had not seen any seaside other than the deserted wind swept types so their life could only be enhanced by a trip to a real kiss me quick ice cream in the sand fall off a donkey fish and chips slice of bread and butter cup of tea type place and lo we landed in
 sunny Weston Supermare which as can be seen is far from deserted, it being school hols and all.
 Quite a, wait for it, sea change (I thank you!) from Ynyslas and its resident seagull
 and needless to say the apprentice loved the bright lights and noise of the arcade
 and the obligatory stroll along the pier
 before being dragged off the penny arcade which due to inflation is now the 2p arcade.
 Deciding against sandy ice creams we found a real Italian ice cream parlour where the boys tried to eat their own body weight in frozen dairy products.
 Back on the beach the tide had come in so
 that could only mean paddle time!
 And so after a long day enjoying ourselves we checked into our hotel which looked a bit gothic in a Guest House Paradiso way, but it did have its promised sea views and death drop off the balcony perched on cliff face type thing going on.
Any similarity between this hotel and The Shining were purely coincidental.

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