Thursday, 9 June 2016

No more

 I slept in late so at 6 am set off on my last training ride a kind of make it up as you go along route which found me outside the house I spent my formative years in
 before pushing on for a second breakfast on a bench outside Ross on Wye. My bad luck with cafes and sandwich sellers continued unabated as I hit the 73 mile mark on the homeward leg
 to find that this place with its cheery pic nic table and coffee machine did not sell sandwiches. As I had been promising myself on for the last 20 miles this was a bitter blow and a baby bel cheese did not assuage the hunger pains.
 Still, it was  a lovely day. Heres my steed taking a breather.
 True to form 2 miles from home we had a bit of a flat tyre situation which then pushed my time for the 100 miles including all stops to just under 8.5 hours.
The training over I celebrated the only was a goat keep can, by freeing the same goat from the same place in the same fence.

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