Thursday, 9 June 2016

Flaming June

 June got off to a great sunny start as can be seen from our cliff top perch, but the grey skies and impending rain were no dampner on our day as today was the day yours truly was going to bother some big animals.
 First stop was Toby the Tapir. Now I have always found these to be fascinating creatures ever since my mum nearly became the carer for two Malaysian Tapirs when I were a lad. Unfortunately this didn't happen but the idea of Tapirs always remained. So as a birthday treat my beautiful and oh so patient wife who is aware of all my peculiarities bought me an experience day at Noah's Ark Zoo.
 First on the list was tapir bothering and to my utter amazement this involved hands on bothering, in fact loads of hands on involvement. Toby was a soft pudding but a massive 400kg powerhouse of muscle so caution had to be the order of the day, especially as he might fall on me when he went into one of his oh my god Im being tickled trances.
 Very well trained was our Toby, here he is letting me inspect him for injuries/marks/anything unusual.
 Then he likes nothing more than a pedicure .
 The other side of the fence was Tara, an even bigger female who was just as docile and needed feeding.
 I also got to feed the Giraffes
 clean them out (busmans holiday)
 make their beds
 and give them fresh greens.
 This might have been useful info before I went in but thankfully they both behaved.
 Here are my favourite beasts cozying up to a Mara that they have adopted.
 Once the animal bothering was over the boys decided that some commando training was the order of the day. The tunnel held no fears for rug rat MKII
 while big bruv took on the challenge of the scramble net
 scaling it to the top
 throwing himself off the top
 like a real Marine.
 In the anything you can do category we then had rug rat MKII take on the challenge
 and pretty soon
 he showed us
 at the age of two years 8 months
he's as hard core as his brother.

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