Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Don't drink the water!!

As part of the not quite rebuild Rock HQ we are having a revamped water supply, hence the appearance of some of the cottage's internal organs on the drive. The big green tank was so heavy the non Steve tasked to move it had to phone for the cavalry to come and help. Once the extra guns turned up the surprisingly heavy tank refused to comply and come quietly and after much huffing and puffing it was cornered in the bathroom and tipped into the bath, the clever amongst us supposing it was half full of water. The off black liquid goo that eventually poured out was a new find and clearly not what we expected. Turns out our spring water might not be quite so pure after all and the silt had collected over the 25 years since the the tank was fitted. There might only be minute amounts but it all adds up, and what added up was now sitting in the bath threatening the dog. Much dilution late it was dealt with but to prevent further collection and potential tummy upsets we now have a massive in line filter system fitted.

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