Saturday, 1 August 2015

Tales of the unexpected

Before I start this is not a happy tale so be warned, and the picture here is nothing to do with the story save for it features a goat who is happy eating and sleeping in her own breakfast.
Rewind to Friday morning and miniature donkeys were keen to be let out of their stable, a stable they shared since arriving at HQ with three very pygmy goats in a separate pen. Donkeys actually behaved and allowed themselves to be led to pastures new and enjoyed the early morning sun on their backs. Yours truly watched their antics happy as they were until, on return to the stable found Crush, the little white goat had ceased to be. Not sure how, no sign of UXG but very dead. Curious as the evening before he had been charging around the plot playing king of the castle with Gizmo and chasing Berners. Floss and Gizmo were beside him bleating mournfully and refused to eat their breakfasts in protest which is not a good sign. So there we have it, an ex pet goat and two grief stricken relatives.
Just as yours truly was reeling from that shock all hell let lose behind him as normally placid Berners kicked off in a massive tussle over nothing resulting in Bliss getting a nasty cut eyelid off Elf. Further investigation revealed that the source of this discontent was hormonal as Bliss is (as suspected but now confirmed) pregnant by Reuben.
Always happens when you least expect it and when you are busier than usual.
Much like last time.

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