Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Test run

 We are facing the inevitable, Miranda needs replacing. Not quite big enough for two prams, shopping and any size K9 as well the apprentice, rug rat mkII she was in the exit lounge anyway but after a new clutch, 3 new tyres, new c v coupling (whatever that is) we had hoped she would last a bit longer but her propensity to make a noise like a distressed cow when reversing or a constipated hyena when cornering means that decisions have to be made.
 So rather than make them yours truly went test driving potential replacements for the "family" car.
This was my favourite especially as I liked its park anywhere ability but as my vote counts for nothing it wont be joining the fun at Rock HQ anytime soon. Apparently we need something sensible and above all free cheap.

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Jeremy Fisher said...

Three letters for you: LPG.
Half the cost of petrol. (I'm getting the equivalent of over 50mpg from a Volvo estate with a 170bhp engine).
Do not buy a Landy - noisy, uncomfortable, impractical, thirsty, expensive etc etc.
Much as I hate to say it, LPG Mitsubishi Outlanders good, Jeep Cherokee [although bigger engine] and any of the usual Mitsubishi / Pajeros and Suzuki Vitara [check if cambelt or chains as latter better bet but not vital.
Mind you, not sure if you should take my advice as just sold bike and bought 3 litre Z4. Hey ho