Saturday, 30 August 2014

Having a Whale of a time

 Day three of THA and we had a break in the weather, the rain stopped but the north wind continued to keep the temperature in single digits but kept the midges grounded. Early doors saw us clamber aboard Moby
 for a guided tour and photocall. When you get aboard you realise quite how big this whale ship really is. Tom intends to take it across the Atlantic so anyone with a lump of spare cash fancying a unique adventure give him a call.
 One of us wasn't able to get aboard but he alerted us to how fast the tide was coming in. With my capacity for self harm involving ladders Rocky sat waiting to help pick up the pieces should I do another faster than intended descent. Once we were safe back on terra firma the rest of the day was spent pretty much like the previous day but drier and warmer, half went fishing while the others learned how to cook ration packs.
 The latter part of the day involved more camp craft, some were more successful than others at the fire lighting task, essential as the fires were needed for cooking the evening meal.
 A cookery demo led by yours truly showed the victims volunteers how to cook
 a balanced meal of meat and two veg with garlic, lemon and olive oil in the ash of a camp fire.
 45 minutes later those who had listened and managed to get their fires going got to eat a lovely hot meal (despite the sunshine the wind persisted!)
 The backdrop to the day was pretty spectacular, as the weather cleared further the target mountain appeared.
 Then it changed back to rain again
 but unable to make its mind up it soon changed back again so we retired to our tents for the night.
Which was when I discovered the joy of sharing small tent with a very large dog.

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