Sunday, 24 August 2014

Back in the real world

I got a phone call from my parents today asking where I was as the blog was down, so I ommitted to tell them the boring stuff like saying goodbye to Miranda and replacing her with Ruby, or tell them that Portsmouth University are going to allow me to carry on studying as I have passed the first year. Instead I concentrated on boring them to death with details of where in the world I had just got back from as clearly I was at Rock HQ as they had just phoned me there.

This is Moby, more of him later, but he sits like a......erm...beached whale on the shore of Loch Nevis on the west coast of Scotland.

The reason for being there, yours trulys not Moby's, more of which later, not this posting but a later one, was to do some adventure training and pass on some skills to a bunch of victims volunteers that involved camping, mountain walking, field cooking and water based activities. We survived the worst August weather in living memory, broken down boats, over grown paths, my cooking and a slight navigation error that meant some happy campers had to endure an extra 400 metre walk after an arduous 3 kilometres.
So stay tuned to hear tales of Moby, solo atlantic crossings, Columbian drug smugglers, theatre royalty, campfires, rain, more rain, heavy rain, horizontal rain and an unceasing North wind.

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