Thursday, 7 August 2014

Summer nights

 The nights may be drawing in but the sunny days are still long enough to get some after work activity in and so yours truly, the apprentice, he who cannot be named and number one daughter in law set off to break a family record. The apprentice's older sister, Beth, climber Pen-y-Fan a real mountain close to Rock HQ aged four and a bit. Naturally the apprentice had to do it aged 3 years five months and a few days. Despite the picture he did in fact walk nearly all the way up, except for about 250 metres when he helped his big brother with is load carry training.
 We by passed Corn Du, that flat lump behind, saving that for the return leg and we passed time with tales of he who cannot be named childhood for his lovely wife to use as ammunition later. Of particular interest was a tale of how HWCBN threw his toys out of the pram aged 7 and a half on the way up this very mountain shouting "I don't care if there is an ice cream van at the top I want to go back!" and here he is some 20 years later not only doing it for fun but his job also makes him do it quite a lot of the time.
 Close to the summit we let the apprentice savour the moment.
That moment when you realize that you are now, for the briefest of time, higher than anyone else in the whole of south Wales.
 And you're only half way.
Like he said, he wasn't tired!

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