Friday, 25 July 2014

Special delivery

 Thoughts of lazing on the helipad sipping an ice cold G and T were quickly consigned to the dustbin this evening when I intercepted the apprentice smallholder engrossed in conversation on the telephone with our friendly Horse Botherer. Little t had very helpfully accepted delivery of much needed supplies for the equines here at HQ. So rather than spending time holding a cold beverage marvelling at the scenery, birdsong and sunsets, yours truly was getting up close and personal with freshly baled flora from the finest local meadows. As yours truly is to trailer reversing as an Italian Cruise Ship Captain is to unauthorised detours the Horse Botherers other half very helpfully brought his trailer and reversed the half mile up our lane as they had both forgotten I had removed the tyres from the area formerly known as the turning circle.
In a dramatic demonstration of driving skill the heavily laden trailer was parked feet from the bale store and the horses and ponies watched with interest as their rations were carefully put away for safe keeping. After palms were crossed with various denominations of beer tokens yours truly was left to get on with the fantasy of ice cold cocktails while dealing with the reality of the effects of a tub of strawberries on two toddlers left to their own devices for a few minutes.

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