Thursday, 10 July 2014

Just for a moment...

Gerry came back today after some intensive care. The medic who messed with his internals could not establish why yours truly had a vapour trail rivalling the RAF's finest, or why he suddenly lacked power. The computer diagnostic system showed there may be a fault on a wiring harness, and a mass airflow sensor which were replaced for only the cost of a kidney and so Gerry is back in action and for a few minutes today we were back to the luxury of two car family. This lasted three hours. Miranda decided to let us down by deflating a rear tyre, this was inflated at the local garage for a mere 60p, I wont bore you with the details of how you had to stick 20p in the slot apply hose to valve guess whether air was going in and when you finally worked out it was it wasn't enough so stick in another 20p and repeat. Once tyre was back to how it should be it revealed a massive posi drive screw in the tread. Miranda is now at the garage.

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