Wednesday, 16 July 2014

More defined.....

Spontaneous... adjective...meaning..... performed or occurring as a result of a sudden inclination or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus. Could be used as in a spontaneous decision to buy doesn't mean spontaneous decision to buy cake as today at the office there were a number of reasons for cake, birthday, someone getting a distinction in an exam, someone else going on leave and not least of which I like cake and the someone who's birthday it was could not be relied upon to buy a cake (she is also crap at fixing computers) so park Gerry outside cake shop and try to buy two fine cakes, sorry sir we don't accept debit cards (one horse town often has difficulty in accepting technology) we only take cash or glass beads, leave shop, drive to town centre, park, walk to cashpoint, walk back to Gerry to retrieve cashpoint card, queue, get cash, walk back to Gerry, attempt to drive back to cake shop but at only junction in one horse town find man with road closed sign merrily closing road to cake shop, drive to supermarket car park, turn around, head back to cake shop, park Gerry, queue, try to explain to Neanderthal who replaced young lady behind counter in my absence that carrier bag behind him contained my cakes, finally he realises I am trying to communicate and he fetches help, young lady hands over bag of cake for cash and has look on face that conveys disappointment that no glass beads were involved in transaction, back to Gerry, drive to work, ignore road closed sign and drive to my car park, drop lemon cake in car park, scrape up lemon mess and get in to office to surprise everyone with cake, everyone is surprised at the amount of cake (and gravel) as birthday girl had remembered to buy cake (she still can't fix computers despite telling everyone otherwise) so spontaneous action was not required.

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