Saturday, 5 July 2014

Looking good, and not so good...

 Once the blood was hosed off the woodwork the new fencing is starting to look good, there's about half a mile left to do and providing my helped has enough of the red stuff in him we should get it done. Soon. The unassembled fence is here, lying around, waiting for us to sort it out.
 Not looking so good is our old gent Chester who is losing weight fast and while he seems to get a bit more mobile on his feet he still can't move about as he should.
 Apollo on the other hoof is looking massively handsome and was all over the fresh supplies of hayledge when it arrived. Not that he's a greedy git or anything.
 Vets been back and we are medicating
and crossing our fingers he gets better.

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margeaux said...

my thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery for Chester- my american fairies have sent a message to your brownies to give a bit of help too! :) hug him for me please.