Friday, 18 July 2014

Sleep easy

Last night we were treated to a spectacular lightening storm, the bolts flashing right across the horizon for over an hour. Naturally this did have a few knock on effects, the power tripped, the dogs freaked out and only clamed down when playing sardines on the landing outside the bedroom door and in the following torrential rain yours truly was found outside in the dark in his jim jams retrieving precious objects that should not be left out in the rain. Usually we can sleep easy here as on a hill not so very far away is a very special set of buildings where people watch the skies 24/7.
Yes just down the road on the horizon is the National Space Defence Centre where boffins with mad hair and dressed in white coats peer intently at the sky watching for the first sign of a life threatening asteroid strike or the advance party of an alien invasion fleet. Thanks to their stirling efforts we can all sleep easy. Unless its thundering. Or 14 dogs are barking. Or a Peacock and Peahen are arguing, or rug rat mkII is bored.

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