Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Work horse

Doing visits is the most enjoyable part of my job, mostly because the people I visit are so lovely and for the most part happy to see me which is an unusual experience for social worker. I get to meet fascinating characters engaged in the most extraordinary pastimes, like tonight I met a man who is building cars. The unique thing about these cars is that they are hydrogen powered. What i don't know about British Hydrogen Car manufacture, the infrastructure, the costs and benefits involved just isn't worth knowing.
Its not uncommon on visits to be given things, the compulsory cuppa, obligatory cake, sometimes a meal, home grown veg, old bikes, music, books,  in fact its a pretty long list.
Today was a bit exceptional as today on my visit I was given a pony. One of our foster carers found herself left a pony and after the beast escaped several times and wandered off into town to see the sights and sounds of a valleys market, she decided that the pony had to go somewhere with more company and fences.
So armed with a horse box and with Gerry as the workhorse I made the 130 mile trip over two mountains, in one case right over the top of one (see pics above and x marks the way down and way ahead over the hills and far away) I collected Snoopy  in the course of my daily visits. Despite all the difficulties of negotiating a horse box and 4x4 along the tightly packed terraced streets of the mining town where she lived, the lack of turning space in the driveway, builders vehicles blocking my exit, and navigating the precipitous slopes of the Rhicos Mountain (spelling check) Gerry performed faultlessly and Snoopy boarded her carraige without running off to wreak havoc amongst the mobile phone accessory stalls.
Back at the ranch Gerry was then made to traverse half of the Bonsai Mountain in search of Apollo the wonder foal who having heard a new arrival was due blotted his copy book by legging it.
The naughty boy was soon captured and my beautiful and oh so patient wife rode him back to meet his new friend.
Little t welcomed them back and
had a quick two up ride around the yard.
Introductions went well and Snoopy and Apollo are now best buddies and Snoopy looks like she likes her new home.
Meanwhile the ever patient Gerry returned the horsebox back to its very trusting owner who rewarded our efforts with a cuppa. Gerry's working day was far from over, we then headed off for the bright lights of the city to do more visits, but this time we returned without anything live.


Anonymous said...

That looks like a good candidate for horse meat.

Tony said...

Findus have already asked:)