Monday, 30 June 2014

All gone well

By contrast to last evenings trials and tribulations involving all things pig and tagging, this morning, under a fresh sky, things could not have gone better. Ms Pork, Ms Bacon and Ms Sausage collectively the three not so little pigs happily followed the bucket of allure into the back of the trailer ready for the short trip to the land of endless sunshine until their return to Rock HQ as pork jigsaws for storage in Mr Whirlpool. This picture was taken two minutes after loading and evidently they are stress free porkers.
Talking of stress, Chester is still causing concern, we think he is on the mend, but then he seems to have a relapse, so more vet time is required tomorrow, meanwhile Misty the shitland keeps vigil.
Late this evening the equines decided that all was going too swimmingly in the realm of chaos so they decided to try and escape. This entailed leaning on a gate that had not been tied as well as bolted and once it was sprung with the whinny of "Freedom", Trevor led the way and Snoop followed trying to impress him. The high tide of their escape bid is captured (as they were) here, they basically weighed up a night out on the common against warm hay and horse nuts and decided that full tummies was a better option than rough mountain grass and milled around waiting to be spotted.
While we were on evening rounds we were treated to another spectacular sunset
which doesn't look quite so good on mobile phone pics but you get the idea and even at this resolution beats
anything on offer by Santorini.

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