Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Back to normal

 After spending Sunday in the saddle you might have thought yours truly would have been excused all but light duties for Monday but as Apollo the wonder foal was MIA since Friday I took the statement from my beautiful and oh so patient wife that one of us has better go and look for him to mean get on and find him. So off I went, all be it slowly, across the tranquil verdant landscape of the Bonsai Mountain. No sign of naughty pony and as it was threatening rain and I was not inclined to press on to the ridge I turned to home and (hopefully) a cooked dinner.
 Just as I got to the ghost house a familiar shape hove into view.
 looking good
 but pleading to come home. Some helpful passer by must have seen Apollo on his breakfast ramble up the track and secured him in the garden of the Ghost House. Only helpful if they told us that's what they had done. So poor Apollo waited, and waited for someone to come along and open the gate.
He was so happy to be coming home he really didn't mind having to wear a pink halter.

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