Saturday, 14 June 2014

Do you want fries with that?

It being Father's Day tomorrow and my birthday a long while back I was taken out for a treat by our lovely daughter. First off was a trip to the cinema which has changed a bit, the old flea pit has been replaced by a 8 screen 3D experience with a bar, cafe, pick and mix icecream hot dog stand and a sound system that rivals Concords afterburners in volume, all built on the site of the old cattle market where you could go and tickle calf and pigs noses for free, ah well progress eh?.
 The film of choice was a Tom Cruise offering, a sort of remake of Groundhog Day meets Saving Private Ryan meets Aliens meets Officer and a Gentleman. The cinema was practically empty so why two elderly folk chose to sit behind me just as the film started and discuss the merits of world cup M and M's while taking forever to open the packet was a mystery.
Film over we went for something to eat. Something exotic in the several new restaurants built where you used to be able to watch farming types chase escaping poultry.
The picture above is real, an actual meal, or rather a tasty starter, deep fried Tarantula, Chilli Dip and salad. personally I think they overdid the cucumber but thats just me being picky. It tasted better than it looked (how could it not) the legs were a tad crunchy while the yellow puss like juice of the rear end was a bit eggy.
Thankfully this was not my starter, but it was eaten by a friend of mine who is currently in Cambodia, he is really embedding with the locals and avoiding the Golden M. I sent him a reply that there are nicer things available on the menu like broken glass and six inch nails.
Me, back in Blighty, I went for Chicken and Chips.
 I know what I like.

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