Monday, 9 June 2014

Gathering of the Clan 2014

 With some 271 photos of our own and several dozen more to go through its going to be some time before a definitive set of show pics will be published. The 3rd Annual Dolyhir Bernese Mountain Dog Treasure Hunt was well attended by clan members from near and far.
 The furthest travelled were the Northern Contingent from County Durham, but we had Denzil from Derbyshire way pop along, Bo Jangles from Cardiff way, in fact all points of the compass were covered.
 Some clan were missing, weddings, operations, exams, forgetfulness and owners illness meant some couldn't be with us and poor Fizz broke down on the way and had to be towed home.
 Of the 25 Bernese present, 22 were Dolyhir Berners, one was a brother to Reuben so affiliated and another was an ex girlfriend of Rocky. Two Great Swiss were also joining in the fun along with a Great Dane, a Vischler  not spelt right, a French bull dog, a Golden Retriever and a Jack Russell.
 Best in show was Buddy, son of Rocky, a fitting award to the furthest travelled Berner!

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